Bondi lodge is situated close to some of the worlds most highly reguarded national parks such as Errinudurra NP ,Coolangubra NP,Coopracambra NP, and Croajingolong NP all with vairying degrees of day and overnight walks.

This spectacular park contains many short walks to some fascinating places of interest such as the ancient plum pines of goonmirk rocks or the great views from Mt Ellery.For the more enthusiastic the Coastal Range Track offers a walk through sassafrass rainforest abound with wildflowers and wildlife
Myanba Falls offers a fully wheel chair acsessable look at some spectacular views as the myanba creek spills off the escarpment on its way to the coast.Pheasants Peak provide great views over some world heratige National parks
Some small and medium length tracks will put you in some beautiful country and if you are adventurous a trek into the genoa gorge in the genoa wilderness zone  is a must.
There are to many walks to mention as this is one of the most popular walking destinations in the area.Walks range from a couple of hours up to 10 day treks.permits are required so check with park authorities and always obtain track conditions before you depart   

As these walks rely on maintianance to ensure their safety, please check with the relevant authorities that they are acsessable.

Every you look there is something to take a photo of or paint.  They include such things as:
  • Nature
  • Historical
  • Flora
  • Fauna
  • Scenic

Trail, Endurance, dressage


The Lodge is close to some of the finest trout streams in the Monaro region.  It is a short drive of about 15 minutes into Victoria, where trout fishing is permitted all year round.
A dry fly fisherman's paradise.  Private well-stocked lake, miles of trout streams and fly fishing tuition including fly tying, stream craft, specialist dry fly tuition and guiding.

Approximately 25 hectares (100 acres) are available for outdoor activities, with short drive to local golf, sports and recreational clubs.  Scenic bush walking areas abound with some of the most outstanding around the border area.  The surrounding countryside offers excellent areas for orienteering competitions.


Available during the summer period


There a numerous 4WD tracks close to the area and a visit to some of the quaint old Pubs and Villages are recommended.


Much of the mining was at the turn of the century but there are many undisturbed Chinese diggings within minutes of the Lodge.

There are over 85Km of trails winding through enchanting pine and stately native forest, past breathtaking views with an abundance of wildlife to be seen.  There are 4 tracks which use Bondi Forest Lodge as the start/finish point.  They range from Beginner to Advanced.  All the mountain bike trails in Bondi Forest have been marked using colour coded markers to make this trail system user friendly.  Just choose from one of the tracks (maps available from start) and the follow the designated marker.  It couldn't be easier!