Bondi Forest Lodge was originally built as a low security prison in 1910 serving a duel purpose of incarceration, and to supply labour to the forestry projects of the early century.  After the closure of the prison the NSW forestry commission took over the premises and was used as a remote camp for forest workers.  Since 1985 the lodge has been rejuvenated and open for everyone to enjoy. 

The Lodge is situated in a delightfully scenic location with Pine and Native Forest surrounding the area. World class National Parks are located near by and combined with a local rugged scenery, provides wonderful opportunities for the artist, naturalist or photographer.  Bondi Forest Lodge is the ideal place to enjoy and observe, or for the more active, explore at leisure.

Nestling among the native and pine forests, high in the eastern slopes of the Snowy Mountains, near the NSW – Victorian border, 35Km South of Bombala, Bondi Forest Lodge provides a unique centre for group educational and recreational activities.

Your hosts, Brian and Christine welcome a wide variety of clients with a large range of interests as there is so much to do in the surrounding area.

In the clear mountain air and pollution free environment the Lodge offers a tranquil location for conferences, study groups or for just getting away from it all, although when you discover all the activities in the local area you never be bored.

The Lodge caters for individuals through to school groups and clubs. The Lodge has accommodation for 72 people in twin bunk rooms in three units. Each unit is equipped with its own fully equipped kitchen including crockery, cutlery and cooking utensils, fridges, deep freezer and gas oven

Our coastal equivalent to Bondi Forest Lodge is Edrom Lodge

Edrom is situated in a prime fishing and beauty spot on the Far South Coast of NSW. The Lodge is approximately 35kms south of Eden overlooking Twofold Bay (below) with the ability to see right back to Eden and the mountains beyond and just 1 hour from Bondi Forest Lodge.



An Article written in October 2001 best describes the Mountain Biking avaialble in this area

Scenic sensation for mountain bikers

Mountain bike riders hungry for the thrill of some new trails are expected to flock to Bondi State Forest, 20 minutes drive south of Bombala.

Kevin Joy, a teacher from Canberra Grammar School, recently rode Bondi State Forest's most difficult trails - the Genoa River Ride - with six students from the school's outdoor education 'Venture Group'.

"I do quite a bit of mountain bike riding and think the trail is of an excellent standard. The word I used quite a few times was sensational," he said.

"I saw a lyrebird and that was buzz, as you don't often see them, and a wombat on the move. By jeez they move fast! What was really special was a huge flock of black cockatoos," Kevin said.

State Forests, in a joint venture with Bombala Shire Council, recently developed 85 kilometres of mountain bike trails to capitalise on existing forest tracks and to meet the demands of a hugely popular sport.

Already a favourite with fly fishermen, horse riders, bush walkers and orienteerers, Bondi State Forest was the perfect place to develop a network of mountain bike trails for year-round use.

"It meant we could further take advantage of the pine plantations and native forest on a commercial, recreational and educational level," State Forests Monaro regional manager, Bob Germantse, said.

"Riders will very quickly see that pine plantations are far from biological deserts and are, in fact, home to a large variety of native animals and birds.

"It was felt that these trails, combined with accommodation at Bondi Forest Lodge, would make the journey to this off-the-beaten-track location a great adventure."

Trail designer Waverney Ford designed a trail system to cover all ages and levels of experience, so riders can choose from four trails that join together to form the hardest trail - the Genoa River Ride.

Brochures on Bondi Forest Mountain Bike Trails are available from Bombala Shire Council on ph: (02) 6458 3555 or State Forests' Bombala office at on ph: (02) 6458 3177. Brochures on each of the individual trails are available at Bondi Forest Lodge, the only accommodation in Bondi State Forest.

The beginners trail, Wombats Wander, covers 9.6 kilometres and meanders along the edge of Bog Creek providing ample opportunities to view wildlife.

The Lyrebird Loop trail is for intermediate riders and covers 26 kilometres alongside creek reserves, taking in scenic native bushland and possibly a lyrebird.

The Tennyson Track, also for intermediate riders, covers 9.2 kilometres and features a long downhill ride of more than 200 vertical metres from the top of Mount Tennyson. This trail descends through forests of shining gum with an understorey of tree ferns, creepers and mossy logs.

Finally, for advanced riders, there is the Genoa River Ride, a testing challenge that covers 41 kilometres, and links all the trails.

"The overall aim of the trails is to bring recreation and a renewable commercial resource together, giving riders a much better understanding of a working forest and all it has to offer," Bob Germantse said.